Sale! Allied Powersports RP SOF 4 Run Flat UTV Tires and Wheels Package

RP SOF IV Tires and Wheels Package, Polaris RZR/Ranger through 2013

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These are sold as sets of two tires mounted on our matte black steel wheels.

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Product Description

These are sold as sets of two tires mounted on our matte black steel wheels.

RP Advanced “SOF Series IV” 12 ply UTV Run Flat tires are Military Authorized and Combat Proven! Our SOF Series IV 12 ply UTV Run Flat Tire is specifically designed and engineered for heavier payloads. The RP IV 12 ply UTV Run Flat Tire is designed with a reinforced bead providing extreme wheel (rim) protection, delivering the survivability and performance the US Military demanded. The multiple PLY ratings provide the operator with a unique advantage over the competition. Inflated or deflated, rely on the 12 ply Run Flat tire specifically constructed and proven to keep you going. The extreme terrain conditions experienced by U.S. military forces and extreme off-road enthusiasts demanded the highest level of tire payload capability and survivability for critical success.
Our Run Flats have been long-term performance tested at over 1,200 miles with no inflation and no critical tire failure. Although we do recommend running inflated, you can rest assured you will not be stranded or faced with having to deal with repairing a flat to get you there and back!

Note: While both the 8 ply and 12 py SOF Series IV tires are considered upgrades to standard 6 ply tires, only the SOF Series IV 12 ply is classified a Run-Flat tire.

Additional Information


•8- & 12-PLY Run-Flat (MIL PERF STD),
•8-PLY High Performance Lightweight
•DOT Certified
•Specially designed aggressive desert stylized multi-directional tread
•1200+ lb inflated operational load rating for the 12PR variant
•Focused design for 50 miles at 40 mph devoid of air at an impressive 450 lb per tire load
•Universal 27x9x14 & 27x11x14 sizes, a true 27-inches (at max. operation pressure on a standard 6/7” wide wheel)
•Designed for heavier payloads, wheel protection and lightweight survivability


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