What Are Run-Flat Tires?

You don’t want a flat out here…

When you’re way out there, the last thing you want to worry about is a flat tire. Our run-flat technology is a perfect preventative measure to ensure peace of mind and safety in the harshest terrains. Designed to resist the effects of deflation when punctured, you can be confident our premium run-flat tires will get you out there and back again.

“Early on we tested these on one vehicle for a total of over twelve hundred miles with no air in them and had no issues or failures.”

Ty Zimmerman, tire developer, Goldspeed Products.

Working locally with the US military, our tires are manufactured with proprietary compounds for the best ride and durability possible in a run-flat. They are unique in the marketplace and offer time and distance tested performance in some of the harshest environments on the planet. Still in use all over the world but now available to you for your harshest environments!

Our tires are designed with a 12 ply section, including the side wall. That’s twice the thickness of conventional tires. It prevents most sharp objects from being able to even penetrate the tire at all. Because of this, you might expect the ride to be harsher, but with our custom rubber compound the ride quality is basically the same as conventional tires.

RP SPARTAN Run Flat UTV Tires Cutaway

“The ride quality is amazing considering they’re run flats, I couldn’t tell the difference versus regular tires or even the stock ones.”

S. C. UTV enthusiast, Chino CA

Proven over thousands of hours driving in rough terrain with no air in one or more tires, you can count on us to get you home… safely*.

*We do recommend you try to keep it at 40 miles at 35 mph max.