BLU TPMS External Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring System


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150 psi sensors are no longer available


BLU TPMS External Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire condition is critical for the safety of riders and drivers. If there is a problem, receiving a warning before it’s too late is a lifesaver. The BLU TPMS External Tire Pressure Monitoring System monitors both the pressure and temperature of vehicle tires.

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These high-quality O.E.M. grade low energy Bluetooth (BTLE) sensors monitor important tire parameters; Communicating this information to the free iOS or Android mobile app in near real-time. Push Notifications activate when tire pressure or temperature deviates from their pre-defined settings; no dedicated display is required.

Some things to consider prior to making a purchase…
  • In an effort to conserve battery life, these sensors enter a ‘sleep state after a few minutes of no vehicle movement and consequently will stop transmitting data to the app. They will wake up and begin transmitting once the vehicle is underway, typically within 30 seconds.
  • Due to variations in electronic tolerances, certain 100 psi labeled sensors are unable to resolve pressures above 90-92 psi and as a result will report 0 psi. Please keep this in mind if your tires have an operational pressure at or above 90 psi.

3 wheels (Trikes, CanAm, SlingShot, etc), and also 4 wheel & 6 wheel kits (For UTVs/Trailers/Haulers).

Each sensor measures approximately 0.97” x 0.97” x 0.767”.

Other features:

  • Free app download for iOS or Android devices
  • Store up to 99 vehicles on one app account
  • Optional Signal Repeater for RVs, Long trailers, Big Rigs, etc.
  • 1-year warranty
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Important Safety Information

Our BLU TPMS External Sensors are installed on the end of the air valve stem, replacing the standard valve cap. These sensors require .75″ clearance when spinning on your wheel. If installing on a motorcycle, please verify that these sensors will not come in contact with your brake calipers or any wheel components. Wheels that have 90-degree, 45 degrees or off-center/off-set air valve stems are especially vulnerable. Sensors with improper clearance can be damaged and/or destroyed and will void the product warranty. This is dangerous to riders and passengers as it could affect the condition of your air valve stem potentially resulting in loss of tire pressure.

Also available, our BLU Signal Repeater and BLU USB Audio Alert Module.