Brite-Saber LED Chase Light Model TWO


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Brite-Saber LED Chase Light Model TWO

Our Brite-Saber LED Chase Light Model TWO has been updated! This new version features TURN SIGNALS with Amber LEDs and BRAKE LIGHT functionality!

Visibility at night is critical to the safety of any off-road vehicle. Most off-road vehicles have little in the way of lighting on the rear except small taillights. Our LED Chase Light Model TWO will make the rear of your vehicle easily visible without blinding drivers behind you. Consequently, if you are part of a group, it is easy for the ‘chase’ vehicles to keep track of you.

We have given it 8 different color cycling modes and an RF remote to set them. Wired with or without a switch, use the remote to turn the light on and off in addition to cycling through its color modes. Once set with the remote, the mode is retained whether turned on with the remote or a switch. Mount Model TWO to any vehicle with 1 3/4″ – 2″ tube (depending on mount used) and anywhere that its 20.25″ width will fit (max-width of light with bracket fasteners). Actual LED width 18.5 inches. Additionally, rotate the light tube on its brackets to adjust the light distribution. Curious to see the flash patterns? Click HERE to watch the video.


  • Red = Power
  • Black = Ground
  • Yellow = Turn Signal Left
  • Green = Turn Signal Right
  • White = Brake Light

Standard brackets are included, optional brackets for roll bar mounting are available HERE.

Featuring 18 Super Bright LED’s, a waterproof design, and machined aluminum construction for durability. In addition, it features adjustable mounting hardware and an RF remote for control of the 8 flashing modes. LED colors are Red, Amber, and White.