Brite-Saber LED Universal Puddle Lamp



Brite-Saber LED Universal Puddle Lamp

The Brite-Saber LED Universal Puddle Lamp illuminates the ground directly under your vehicle doors for safe entry and exit at night.

Uniquely designed for Jeep JK vehicles, however, the universal nature of the system allows for easy installation in almost any vehicle.

The puddle lamps will illuminate with the dome lights, connected to 12-volt power and the vehicle’s dome-light circuit. Furthermore, the RF remote allows illumination control independent of dome light status. Pretty cool right?

Available products in the Universal Puddle Lamp system:

  • 2 LED lamp kit with RF Remote and control module with 4 expandable ports
    • This is the core lamp kit and includes everything needed for a basic installation
  • Single LED lamp add-on
    • A single add-on LED light pod. Light only does not include mounting bracket or hardware
  • Rear/Tailgate LED lamp kit
    • Includes single LED light pod, mounting bracket and hardware, and one 8′ extension harness
  • Rear/passenger doors add-on kit
    • Includes 2 LED light pods, mounting brackets and hardware, and one 8’extension harness
  • Y extension harness
    • Use this to expand your Puddle Lamp system up to 8 total LED light pods! Includes Y Extension harness only

Featuring durable die-cast waterproof LED housings with easy-to-install no-drill (for Jeep JK) stainless steel brackets.

Finally, Brite-Saber LED Universal Puddle Lamps aren’t just for puddles anymore!

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