Nemo Power Tools Waterproof Cordless Angle Grinder


  • Submersible up to 50 meters
  • Underwater replaceable batteries!
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Nemo Power Tools Waterproof Cordless Angle Grinder | Allied Powersports

A world’s first…The Nemo Power Tools Waterproof Cordless Angle Grinder is designed specifically for commercial divers and underwater construction workers.

This new Version 2 model has upgraded technologies and can switch from battery to battery while under water. Users can take as many batteries as needed when submerged to attack any task required.

The Nemo Submersible Angle Grinder was developed due to the growing demand for an electric submersible power tool for underwater cutting, grinding, and polishing. It is the world’s first and only waterproof electric grinder, and rated to a maximum operating depth of 50m (164ft). Its 1500-watt brush-less technology, adopted from the UAV industry, ensures maximum efficiency and durability.

The motor in this tool is military grade, and usually are found in electric drones and other high-power, high-efficiency products and tools.
The grinder features a corrosion-resistant paint job and comes with a durable carrying case, 2 x 6Ah batteries, battery charger, pressure valve, and pump to pressurize the grinder.

Also available, the Nemo Power Tools Waterproof Impact Wrench and Nemo Power Tools Waterproof Impact Driver

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