Nemo Reciprocating Underwater Saw – 50M


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Nemo Underwater Reciprocating Saw, 328 ft depth

Designed by divers for divers, the Nemo Power Tools submersible reciprocating saw is the world’s first submersible waterproof electric saw, and engineered to provide the same level of performance at 50m/164ft underwater as it does on land. Weighing in at just 2.9kg/6.4lbs, this saw is powered by a reliable 18V Li-ion battery and features a variable speed trigger. Boasting up to 3,000 strokes per minute and a keyless blade clamp that allows you to change blades easily underwater, this reciprocating saw offers commercial divers the power and control they need.

  • Stroke length: 1- 1/8 inch
  • Net weight: 3.5 Kg
  • Submersible: 50m (164ft)
  • Keyless blade clamp
  • Variable-speed trigger
  • Two 18V 6Ah lithium-ion batteries
  • Not to be used above water for longer than 5 min of continuous use.


Socket included in a package:
Socket Type A
Mainly used in the USA, Canada, Mexico & Japan

Socket Type G
Mainly used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia & Singapore

Socket Type I
Mainly used in Australia, New Zealand, China & Argentina


Additional information

Stroke length 1- 1/8 inch
Net weight 3.5 Kg
Submersible Rated to 50 meters (164 feet)